Sailing Along

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Today is a good day! I mean everyday you wake up on ¬†earth is a good day, but today is an especially good day. First off, I can post to this blog because my wonderful husband is working hard on my website and things are coming together. My son also slept a full 10 hours last night. Yes, you read this last sentence correctly 10 hours. Life is good, and most of all I got an email from Shannon of Cooperative Press saying Sailor’s Valentine is almost complete. This is very exciting because knitters will finally get to see the Gull Cardigan.

In the meantime, in honor of the book being released I am going to design a little gansey for my sweet Max! Im not necessarily going to go traditional with this gansey because I want to try out a new technique. I found a tutorial on How to Crochet Bobbles, and it changes my whole outlook on cables with bobbles. I mean I’m not a particularly lazy knitter, but honestly the idea of working on a sweater that will take me to the next century going bobble by bobble does not appeal to me. I can’t wait to post the swatch I make and share how my first practice went!