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After more than a year of working on the idea for this website you would think I would have lots to say. The issue you is I have alot to say, but honestly who has time to read it? In the essence of doing everyone a favor here I thought I would start this blog and this year with a little summary of what I’ve been doing, and what I hope to share with you through this blog.

Ardor Hat close up

In December 2011 I got serious about putting together a website that could be not only a showcase for patterns, but eventually become a resource for knitters. WIth the help of my amazing programmer husband I had hoped to develop some ideas for online and mobile app type tools that would be useful for knitters of all skill levels. Of course developing a tool like this is not just as simple as saying “I want X so make it so”. So while there is a tools section of this website, those applications are being developed, and I hope once they are done that they will help build the community part pf this website. We are working on a pattern row counter that actually has a built in library. This library would be a place that users could subscribe to and post there own stitch patterns that others could download and use. Think of it like a online and mobile Barbara Walker Dictionary that you could access from any device.

In the mean time….I’ve been working on publishing patterns through my own Ravelry store, magazines, and book compilations. I even have my own book proposal that I completed in early December. I’ve been anxiously sending it out to agents and publishers alike, and my hope is it will find a home soon. While I keep on submitting proposals to magazines, publishing my own patterns, and shopping around my book I hope to uncover and share as much inspiration with you as possible. ¬†Our world is full of inspiring material, and often goes unnoticed. Hopefully I can bring some of that material to the surface , and we can decide together where to take it!